Here we go Summer!


KNIFE MAKING WORKSHOP – 10:00 to 4:00 – July 18th - At Quiet Heart Lodge in Lynnwood – Open to Ages 8 and up, for students under 10 we recommend having an adult partner – Tuition $80 plus the blade -Instructor Hawkeye

LONGBOW MAKING WORKSHOP – August 15th and 16th – At the Quiet Heart Lodge in Lynnwood – Open to All Ages, for students under 10 we recommend having an adult partner – Tuition is $215 – Instructor Hawkeye

MEN'S HUNTER SURVIVAL COURSE ***New-Coming this Fall-!- Watch for details!***


WOMEN’S WILDERNESS SURVIVAL COURSE – 9:00 TO 1:00 – March 14, April 11, May 16, June 6 and Bonus Day June 13Open to women 18 and older – Tuition is $260 Instructors: Manon McPeters and Leah Houghton                  

TENDERFOOT WALKABOUTS – 9:00 to Noon – March 21, April 18, May 16 and June 20 – Open to 4 to 7 year old students, 4 & 5’s need an adult partner, all parents are welcome – Tuition $120 for all 4 days, $46 for individual days – Instructor Brian “Wapiti” Harris.

SPRING PLANT WANDERINGS – 9:00 to Noon – May 2, May 30 and June 20 – Open to anyone 16 and older – Tuition is $145 for all three days, $60 for individual days – Instructor Manon McPeters


SUMMER IN THE WOODS AT YOST - 9:00 to 3:00 - Monday through Friday - Begins June 29th and runs thru August 21st – Four 2 week sessions - Ages 7 to 13 - $335 for a two week session – Lead Instructor; Eric "Little Bear" Kitching

FOREST CAMP - 8:30 to 3:30 - Monday through Friday at Yost Park in Edmonds – TWO one week sessions: Session 1: July 20th through 24th  Session 2: July 27th through 31st. Ages 7 to 13 –Tuition $195 for a week – Instructor Leah Houghton

LITTLE CHIPMUNKS CAMP IN SHORELINE - 10:00 TO 1:00 – Three days of playing in the Kruckeberg Gardens in Shoreline. The 3 day, Session 1, is June 22nd, 24th & 26th – Open to student’s ages 4 to 6 - - $90 per session – Lead instructor is Brian “Wapiti” Harris

LITTLE CHIPMUNKS CAMP IN LYNNWOOD - 10:00 TO 1:00 – Three day sessions of playing in the Lynnwood woods. Session 2 is June 29th, July 1st & 3rd - Session 3 is July 6th, 8th & 10th- Session 4 is July 20th, 22nd & 24th Session 5 is July 27th, 29th & 31st. – Your choice of one or all five sessions –       Open to students ages 4 to 6 -– Tuition $90 per session – Lead Instructor Brian “Wapiti” Harris

PRIMITIVE SKILLS CAMP - 9:00 TO 3:00 – 4 Days of intense projects – Two Sessions – Session 1 June 30th to July 3rd, Tuesday to Friday - At Coyote Camp in Edmonds – Session 2 August 3rd to 6th, Monday to Thursday - At Bear Creek Camp in Woodinville – Ages 8 to 13 - $215 per session – Instructor Hawkeye / Matt DeYoung

NATURE EXPLORATION CAMP IN SHORELINE - 9:00 TO 3:00 – Monday thru Friday - Studying Nature through exploration, art and games, in the Beautiful Kruckeberg Gardens in Shoreline. – July 13th through 17th - Ages 7 to 13 - $195 for the week. – Instructor Brian “Wapiti” Harris

BEAR CAMP- 9:00 to 3:00- Monday through Friday- Begins August 10 through August 14th at Bear Creek Camp in Woodinville- Ages 7 to 13- $190. for the week. Lead Instructor is Patrick Loderhose.

ANIMAL TEACHINGS CAMP – 9:00 to 3:00 - Monday through Friday at Yost Park in Edmonds –  August 24th to 28th - Ages 7 to 13  – Tuition $190 for a week – Instructor Chris Olson

3 DAY SURVIVAL & RITES OF PASSAGE – August 18th, 19th & 20th – Must be 13 or older and have some outdoor experience – Must register by May 1st Group maximum is eight- Tuition $255. Guides: Ted Packard & Manon McPeters.


OWLE – 10:00 to 4:00 – Begins in September on Friday in Woodinville and on Saturday the  in Edmonds – Ages 8 to 15 – Tuition is $612 for the 14 week spring season – REGISTRATION FOR FALL OWLE OPENS JULY 1ST!

ANCESTRAL SKILLS – Our advanced program for teens – Ages 13 and up –  Tuition is $512 – REGISTRATION FOR FALL ANCESTRAL SKILLS IS NOW OPEN!



Welcome to Quiet Heart Wilderness School.  Established in 1997, Quiet Heart is a wilderness education program designed to enhance students understanding of the natural world, and instill in them a sense of stewardship toward their planet and its creatures. Through exploration of nature, as well as the sharing of knowledge and lore of the Ancestors, Quiet Heart students gain a sense of comfort and respect for the natural world of which they are a part.  Led by experienced instructors, students will find courses and programs on topics such as primitive and survival skills, edible and medicinal plants, animal tracking, wilderness navigation, awareness skills, team building and problem solving.  Quiet Heart’s various programs range from “Through the eyes of a Naturalist” our preschool program, "OWLE" for 8 to 15 year olds, and many other family programs and courses.  Quiet Heart is all about learning by doing and having fun.

Quiet Heart has been serving families of South Snohomish and North King Counties from Seattle and Shoreline to Woodinville and Redmond  for over 15 years!

"Quiet Heart has offered my son the perfect environment to build his confidence in the outdoors and have fun at the same time."
- Anonymous
"I spent a day with Quiet Heart 'Finding Truth in Nature.' What these wonderful people shared was the calmness that can be felt in the presence of nature, the beautiful fit of all beings and the power of nature to heal. We spoke of mentoring and coming of age and coming to an age of wisdom. It was a profound day for me."
- Dawn
"Hawkeye is so knowledgeable, gentle, and grounded. He has taught my daughter how to connect with nature in ways that emulate conservation and preservation of our world."



See you in the Woods!


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